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The Bergthorson Academy of Musical Arts (BAMA) offers instruction for a variety of musical instruments including piano, keyboard, voice, strings, winds, drama and theory. Regular weekly lessons are complimented by recitals, workshops and festivals.

Music lessons at BAMA are taught by fully qualified musicians who share their musical gifts through the love of teaching. Patience and understanding for children and beginners, combined with clear expectations for the goals of each student allows each student to be inspired and motivated to reach their maximum level of achievement.
Our teachers are committed to a holistic approach to teaching, recognizing that the whole self is involved in the process of creativity and also that learning is optimized in the context of respectful and thoughtful relationships. Each of us has a kernel of creativity and joy that with nurturing encourages us to be all that we can be, in music and in life.
Students may study classical music, popular music, or a combination of both. Each personal program is designed to give the student strong technical training in the instrument of their choice with a variety of pieces to optimize instrumental or vocal technique. Classical instruction is based on the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus, complemented by music from other genres.
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** Rental Instruments available for guitar & violin **
Guitar- Classical, Acoustic, Electric, & Bass  • Violin  • Viola • Ukulele  • Fiddle- Celtic, Bluegrass, & Old-Time • Banjo

Guitar  – (Acoustic /Electric /Classical)
All styles of guitar including rock, blues, metal, alternative, metal, hip-hop, jazz, classical, country & more. The private student moves at his or her own pace, learning to read notation, tablature, or chord charts, according to the chosen style of music. Classical, acoustic and electric guitars of appropriate size are available for rent or purchase.

Guitar lessons usually begin around age 7, but younger students may begin with ukulele and transfer to guitar at a later time. Students in classical studies are prepared for exams using the Royal Conservatory of Music’s guitar curriculum. Exams for contemporary guitar are also available through the Conservatory Canada contemporary idioms program.

RockBand classes are open to all students at the elementary level or higher, usually after about 16 lessons.  Students of guitar, vocals and keyboards are grouped together according to age and ability.  Meeting once a week under the instruction of a highly-qualified instructor, the students develop their musical and cooperative skills while learning Rock, Pop, Classic Rock, Country or Metal songs.

Bass Guitar
Bass guitar students will develop sight-reading and aural skills, and the performance technique needed for all styles of bass, including jazz, rock, pop, funk, folk, and country.

Smaller bass guitars are appropriate for students around the age of 9 or 10.  Full-size bass guitars can be used by students 12 and up. Bass players are invited to play in the RockBand classes.

Ukulele Lessons
For all ages! The early beginner in guitar, under 7 years of age, can begin with the ukulele and later graduate to a small student guitar. The size and 4 strings of a ukulele lend itself well to smaller fingers.

Banjo, Fiddle Lessons
Beginners learn fingering and chords in the oral method, using traditional and contemporary music.

Classical Piano  • Popular Piano  • Jazz/Rock Piano  • Preludes Music Kindergarten I (4 year-olds)  • Preludes Music Kindergarten II (5/6 year-olds)

Traditional Beginner to Grade 10 and ARCT, with options for exams, Festivals, and performance opportunities.

Pop/Rock Piano  
Beginner and up.  Drawing on a variety of materials, the student is instructed in the art of making music through reading music and playing by ear.

Jazz Piano
Learn to read lead sheets and improvise using jazz techniques and chords.  Note reading is optional.

Preludes Music Kindergarten 1 (subject to availability)  
Our most popular Preschool program! Age 4 years, maximum of 4-5 students.  This course combines games, songs, body movement, small instruments and keyboard experiences to introduce musical concepts such as ear training, rhythm, theory, and ensemble playing.  The emphasis is on learning through fun!

Preludes Music Kindergarten 2 (subject to availability) 
Age  5 -6 years, maximum of 4-5 students. With grounding in the fundamentals of music, more emphasis is placed on keyboard training.  Some of the class time is devoted to hand instruments, educational games and activities that reinforce musical concepts.   Previous experience not required.

** Rental Instruments available for guitar & violin **

Violin  •  Viola  •  Cello

Age 4+  
Beginners will learn proper bow-hold and bowing technique.  Instructors will customize the program to meet each student’s level of skill and interest.  We use a combination of traditional and Suzuki methods to optimize the development of skills.  More advanced students may opt for exams.

Suzuki Method   
More than forty years ago, Suzuki realized the implications of the fact that children the world over learn to speak their native language with ease. He began to apply the basic principles of language acquisition to the learning of music, and called his method the mother-tongue approach. The ideas of parent responsibility, loving encouragement, constant repetition, etc., are some of the special features of the Suzuki approach. Students develop a mastery of technical skills and musical memory that allows them to express their music with ease and fluency.  Students can begin as early as 3 years of age, and involves parental participation, listening to audiotapes or C.D.s and imitation.

From 16th size to full size available for rent, rent-to-own and purchase.

Cello (currently unavailable)
The cello is one of the most mellow and versatile instruments, found in all kind of music groups from symphonies to rock bands.  Instruction focuses on bow techniques, fingering, sight-reading, and appropriate posture.

Drum set training  •  Jazz  • Rock  • Alternative

All styles from jazz and rock to South American rhythms – from beginner to advanced.

Children age 7 and up can learn to redirect energy into the drums. From basic beats to complicated poly-rhythms, students will learn rudiments, technique and sight reading. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students are welcome.

We offer a wide variety of drum lessons or percussion lessons.  Most of our students learn on a drum kit, with optional double pedal.  We have both male and female students and typically do not start drum lessons before age 8 as students need to be able to reach both the pedal and the high hat.  We do have some younger students but suggest they come in for a trial drum lesson to see if they are big enough to get started.  Drum lessons are taught on a drum kit in our studios but students are able to get started practicing at home on practice pads before purchasing or renting a drum kit.  Our drums lessons stress proper technique and note reading so students become good drummers quickly.

Flute  • Saxophone  • Clarinet

Flute Lessons
Classical RCM studies and/or jazz studies with emphasis on sound, fingering technique, repertoire, musicality and theory.

Saxophone Lessons
We offer instruction for all four saxophones – baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano – in jazz, contemporary and classical styles.  Fingerings for all saxophones are the same which makes it possible to apply what one has learned on one sax to the others.  Beginning age is usually 9 or 10 yrs.

Clarinet Lessons
All woodwinds lessons offer contemporary, jazz or classical instruction.  Focus is on sound, fingering technique, embouchure, repertoire, musicality and theory.  Beginning ages 8 or 9.

Contemporary  •  Opera/Classical  •  Pop/Blues/Rock  • Jazz
8 years old and up. Private, semi-private, and group instruction.

All training is directed towards the ability of the student to access and use his/her whole voice for any and all genres of music.  Students work with a variety of musical styles to learn vocal fundamentals such as pitch, breathing, resonance, diaphragm control, projection, timing and phrasing as well as performance skills.

Contemporary Vocals
Dynamic voice lessons in Rock, Pop, Country, Musical Theatre, Alternative and more.  Vocal classes focus on the development of a healthy singing voice through the basic elements of singing the music you listen to and love.  Whether you aspire to land the lead in the school musical, to front a rock band, make music with your friends and family or simply to hold your own while singing karaoke, our teaching technique and understanding of the voice will help turn your ambitions into reality and produce dramatic vocal improvement.

Let us help you find a professional voice while developing a vocal style of your own.

Classical Voice   
Private and Semi-Private Lessons. Involves the study and application of vocal techniques using repertoire from folk songs to English, French, German, Latin, and Italian music in the original languages.  Students in this class can opt for vocal exams or competitions.  No audition required.

Lyric Opera
This program is offered to older teenagers and adults who have basic musicianship (good pitch and some sight-reading) and some experience with singing. Resident conductors and vocal trainers will conduct the weekly session that includes opera scene studies, language coaching, drama, movement training, voice coaching and staging.

Vocal Jazz 1    
A beginning-level class for singers with little or no performance experience who wish to experience the joy of vocal expression and acquire skills in vocal jazz performance. Instructor provides direction in rudimentary practice and performance techniques including: selecting repertoire, understanding charts, using a microphone, singing with piano accompaniment, identifying and communicating tempos and grooves, and getting acquainted with vocal improvisation. Each class includes a brief vocal warm-up and tips on maximizing vocal technical ability.  No audition required.

Vocal Jazz 2  
An entry-level class for the beginning vocalist who has an interest in gaining performance experience and a more comprehensive understanding of what it means to sing in the jazz style. Class includes some history and listening to vocal artists who created the tradition. Students explore jazz-style phrasing and scat-singing as well as various stylistic categories such as swing, Latin, bebop, ballads and the blues.  Prerequisite is Vocal Jazz 1 or previous experience with jazz instruction or performance.

Flute Lessons 
Classical RCM studies and/or jazz studies with emphasis on sound, fingering technique, repertoire, musicality and theory.

Saxophone Lessons
We offer instruction for all four saxophones – baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano – in jazz, contemporary and classical styles.  Fingerings for all saxophones are the same which makes it possible to apply what one has learned on one sax to the others.  Beginning age is usually 9 or 10 yrs.

Clarinet Lessons
All woodwinds lessons offer contemporary, jazz or classical instruction.  Focus is on sound, fingering technique, embouchure, repertoire, musicality and theory.  Beginning ages 8 or 9.

Preludes Music Kindergarten
4-5 yrs, maximum of 4-5 students.
This course will combine games, songs, small instruments and keyboard experiences to introduce ear training, rhythm, theory, and ensemble playing. Emphasis is on learning through fun!

Digital Audio Workstation
Home Based Recording and Arranging

Come join us for a two hour Bluegrass Jam coordinated by our banjo teacher Jeff Scroggins.
Second and fourh Thursday of each month at 8 PM in our Pitt Meadows location, by donation. (September to June only)
All acoustic instruments welcome!
Suggested minimum donation $ 5 / session


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